The Story of Adam: A Symbol of Palestinian Resilience at the Heart of the Refugee Camp


The Story of Adam – A Young Palestinian Refugee



At the heart of the UNRWA refugee camp in Jordan, I met Adam, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy.
His captivating gaze and peace sign struck me from the first moment, revealing an unexpected inner strength for a child so young. Originally from Palestine, he lives in a world of uncertainty, where each day brings its share of challenges. Yet, his eyes reflect a blend of resilience and hope.

To capture this moment, I chose a 50mm fixed focal length lens, a lens that offers an intimate, human perspective. Using a wide aperture (f/2.8), I was able to create a shallow depth of field, highlighting Adam’s face and his symbolic gesture while subtly blurring the background to focus attention on his expression. The soft daylight enhances the details of his face and creates a striking contrast with the dark, blurry background of the camp.

Post-production focused on enhancing contrast and partially desaturating colors to emphasize the harsh reality of daily life for a Palestinian refugee while preserving the clarity of his peace message. I intentionally kept the marks on his face visible to remind us of daily hardships while capturing his determination to move forward.

Through the lens of my camera, I see in Adam a powerful symbol of Palestinian courage and resilience. His mere presence, discreet smile, and peace sign are a vibrant call for a future where every Palestinian child will have the opportunity to dream without limits, grow up without fear, and reach their full potential.

This photo is a tribute to young Palestinians like Adam, whose tenacity and determination shine like a beacon in the storm. It reminds me why I am involved in this work and why it is crucial to continue capturing these stories with passion to raise awareness and inspire.